Housing Code Amendments

Housing Code Amendments

Welcome to the Housing Code Amendment Project Page. You are probably visiting this page because you received this letter  in the mail. If you received this notice, you are located in the same development zone as these proposed changes. Here, you will find more information about the proposed Housing Code Amendments.

Many of Oregon’s cities have experienced rapidly rising housing costs and shortages of needed housing. In response, the State of Oregon recently adopted new regulations (House Bill 2001, adopted 2019) that expand housing options for "middle housing" types in the State's medium and large cities.

Middle Housing

 Refers to a range of smaller, attached housing types that accommodate more housing units than traditional single-family homes, but are smaller than traditional apartment complexes. For the purposes of the new State requirements, middle housing is defined as duplexes, triplexes, quadplexes, townhomes, and cottage cluster housing.

Oregon's new middle housing regulations require medium-sized cities (population 10,000 - 24,499), like The Dalles, to allow duplexes on any property in a residential land use zone that allows detached single-family dwellings.

Online Open House and Survey

Please help the City of The Dalles by participating in this virtual open house and survey. The Open House includes photos, graphics and information about the overall Housing Code Amendment project.  The real-time survey results will be shared with members of the Planning Commission and City Council during the public hearings. We have extended the deadline to submit a survey to June 13th, so be sure to fill one out soon. The online open house and survey link is here:   

Housing Amendments Survey


The City welcomes your comments and feedback! At the public hearings listed below you will be able to share your comments about the proposed code amendments. If you cannot make these meetings and would still like submit your written input, please e-mail comments to Senior Planner Dawn Hert at dhert@ci.the-dalle.or.us .

Thursday, May 20, 2021 at 5:30 PM
Via Zoom

Meeting agenda & Login

Monday, June 14, 2021 at 5:30 PM

Via Zoom
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What is changing?


The Dalles Land Use and Development code was already very close to meeting the state’s requirements. Most updates apply to how homes are located on a property and how they are designed.  These requirements regulate where buildings can be located on a site, the minimum size of a home lot, how much parking must be provided on-site (“off-street parking”), and more. Below you will find a breakdown of each proposed change. To find the new housing code amendment click the boxes below.

Final Proposed Housing Code      

Draft Housing Code Duplexes      

Draft Housing Code Triplexes and Quadplexes

Detached Duplex

The new state rules allow cities to define duplexes either as two attached housing units on a single property, or to define them as attached or detached. Most cities generally only allow and define duplexes as attached, meaning the two housing units share a wall or some structural parts in common. Historically, this is how duplexes have been built in most places. Detached duplexes are two physically separate housing units on the same property.

The Dalles currently only defines duplexes as two attached units, however the City is considering revising the current definition to include detached. The thought behind allowing detached duplexes is that it provides more flexibility for property owners and developers, particularly for those who are considering adding another housing unit to their property. In general, the rules and standards that apply to attached duplexes will also apply to detached duplexes.

Duplex Lot Size Updates

The state requires cities to have the same minimum lot size for duplexes and single-family detached homes in all residential zones. Currently, the City’s minimum lot size for duplexes in the High Density and Medium Density residential zones are larger than minimum lot size for single-family detached homes. The current lot sizes are as follows:

It would be challenging to construct a duplex on the City’s current single-family minimum lot size, so it is recommended that the minimum lot size for single-family detached be increased to make duplex development on these lots more feasible and reasonable. The recommended minimum lot size for both single-family detached housing and duplexes are as follows:

Recommendation: 2,500 square feet in High Density Residential (RH) zone

Recommendation: 4,000 square feet in Medium Density Residential (RM) zone

This means that either a duplex or a single home could be developed on lots of this size.

Triplex and Quadplex Lot Size Updates

The existing lot size requirements are very large for triplexes and quadplexes in comparison to other types of housing. Reducing the minimum lot size requirement for these housing types will help them blend with single-family neighborhoods. Smaller lot sizes for these housing types will also help the City manage its limited land supply more efficiently. The table below shows the City’s existing minimum lot size requirement for triplexes and quadplexes in the high density and medium density zones. 

Know where this quadplex is? The Dalles!

Other Middle Housing Parking Updates

The City is required to limit off-street parking to two spaces for duplexes (one off-street space per dwelling unit). However, triplexes and quadplexes are currently required to build two spaces per unit unless these standards are adjusted.

The City is considering reducing minimum parking requirements for these housing types. Parking reductions help reduce the cost of housing while also freeing up extra land both for yard space/open space and other amenities.

Property owners will still have the option of providing more parking than the required minimum if they choose.  The table below shows the City’s existing minimum parking requirement and the recommended minimum parking requirement for triplexes and quadplexes.

A triplex in The Dalles

Container Homes and Tiny Homes

Survey participants from the previous Open House and Planning Commissioners have also expressed interest in exploring Code updates to support non-traditional housing types, such as container homes and tiny homes. While the City does not have the time or capacity to conduct a full code update for these housing types, possible future Code update concepts and considerations are identified for future consideration here. The Survey also requests additional public input on these housing types to gauge community support.

Example of a tiny home

Have more questions? Contact Dawn Hert through email at dhert@ci.the-dalles.or.us or call The Dalles Community Development Department at (541) 296-5481 extension 1129


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