Public Works

Public Works

Dave Anderson, Director

Public Works Office Staff Kathy Sandoz, Jean Corbin and Cindy Keever

Mission: To be responsive to our customers, to do our best work, and to build foundations for the future, so that the community reaps the rewards.

The Department of Public Works is composed of three separate divisions: Street Fund, Water Fund and Wastewater Fund. Each Division possesses its own specific revenue source and budgeted expenditures. Revenues cannot be co-mingled, and joint services must be tracked and charged for appropriate reimbursement. Within the Department, administrative and technical support services are split proportionally among the funds.

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1215 West 1st Street
The Dalles, OR 97058
(541) 296-5401

Departments in Public Works
Transportation Division
Waste Water Division
Water Distribution Division
Water Supply &Treatment Division



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